Costs of Services

Psychiatric Evaluations with Dr. Danish

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Intakes for adults typically last 55 minutes.



For teens age 13-18, or any adult where caregivers or other family members are also interviewed, the intake lasts up to 85 minutes.



For children 12 and under, appointments last up to 85 minutes.


Medication Follow up Appointments with Dr. Danish

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These are 25 minutes in length. We’ll discuss progress towards your goals and make treatment adjustments.

25 min Follow Up

For routine monitoring and small adjustments.


50 min Follow Up

For more major changes or processing recent events.



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Neurofeedback is a fun, interactive, non-invasive, medication-free treatment that helps you strengthen and retrain your brain to achieve a healthier, more focused state..

50 Min session



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We have a diverse team of therapists on staff to treat your unique needs. Our therapists work with families and individuals and are currently accepting clients

50 Min Session


Services with A Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

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Our team of Nurse Practitioners have the same prescribing ability as Dr. Danish and discuss each case with the assigned psychiatrist to ensure that a high level of care is given to each patient's customized care plan.







25 Min follow up



Care that you tell your friends about.

Stars raiting

"We really appreciate all of Joe's help since we started seeing him. He has truly been a Godsend and helped our family so much. He helped my son and that means so much to me."

Stars raiting

“Dr. Danish is a psychiatrist who breaks the mold of any stereotypical psychiatrist.  Caring, warm, accessible and understanding, he was the perfect fit, especially for someone like me who was still resistant to medicine. I can only thank the universe for directing him my way as I found him through a Google search.  I recommend him without hesitation.”

Susan B.
Stars raiting

“I have worked with a lot of therapists, both personally and professionally, and he is one of the best I have seen.  He is particularly good at validating people's feelings and helping people see the other's perspective.


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