School Options

School Options

The following descriptions are largely via word of mouth from patients who have had experiences with them; they do not always perfectly reflect other students' experiences at each school. For more detailed information, please arrange an on-campus visit with the school.

AIM Academy: 
Learning differences with high student to teacher ratio; less ASD kids than at WoodlyneGrades 1-12

Anderson School: Eagleville
Behavioral support teachers specializing in kids with behavioral issues. Grades 7-12

Benchmark School: Media
Good for ADHD and some dyslexia; not as much ASD kids there. Many end up at Shipley vs Haverford School. Average of 8 kids per class; Grades 1-8

Centreville Layton: Centreville DE (near Longwood Gardens)
Motly ASD but also some ADHD, LD but they don't tolerate any acting out behaviors. No grades -- just broken into "lower, middle, upper" K-12 but broken into Lower/Middle/Upper

Concept School: West Chester
Supports kids with intellectual disabilities and other learnign differencesGrades 8-12

Crefeld School: Chestnut Hill
lternative school for kids who think differently; lots of arts and hands on learning and fairly low stress environment when it comes to academics Grades 7-12

Delaware Valley Friends: Paoli
Starts in 1st grade. Mostly ADHD kids. Possibly more tolerant for children with some higher needs. Lots of outdoor time.Grades 1-12

Explorations Partial School: Eagleville
For kids who may not be able to be in any of the other options on this page for behavioral or psychiatric reasons. Well run and has daily therapy and well trained teachers. Grades K-12

Fusion Academy: Malvern & Ardmore locations
1:1 instruction throughout the day for those who have trouble or anxiety in any kind of group environmentGrades 6-12

Grayson School: Radnor
Gifted students, some at genius level; many of whom of ADHD, sensory processing, and/or ASDGrades K-8

Hilltop School: Bryn Mawr
Provides life-changing experiences for bright and creative students who struggle to achieve academic and social success due to performance-based learning differences including ADHD, high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders, specific learning disabilities, or anxiety. Through strong family-school collaboration Hill Top prepares students for future success in college, work, and life as independent adults.Grades 5-12

Kimberton Waldorf School: Phoenixville
Slightly "hippy" feel; outdoor oriented. Really good at dealing with ADHD kids because they have so much movement & activity between each class. Some teachers are even anti-medicine when it comes to ADHDGrades 1-12

Lifeworks Schools: Doylestown
Takes kids that other schools will not. Many kids with behavioral issues but they do a great job. Grades 1-12

Miquon School: Conshohocken
Progressive school that is more outdoorsy and smaller classrooms -- no particular focus but are open to some kids w/ ADHD & learning differencesK-6

New Hope Academy: Doylestown & Yardley NHA
Specializes in motivating and educating school-phobic students, at-risk teens, gifted students, those with IEPs who need additional help, and students who just feel that they do not “fit” in their schools.Grades 7-12

Philly Free School: West Philadelphia
Learning is most efficient and profound when the learner creates and owns the learning process

Pilot School: Wilmington DE
Lots of ADHD, LD, some ASD; "Pilot is an individualized, therapeutic, independent day school for children with normal potential, ages four through fourteen, experiencing language based learning problems."Grades K-8 (and pre-K)

Plymouth Meeting Friends: Plymouth Meeting
More accommodating to kis with learning differences including ADHD. Grades K-6 (and pre-K)

Quadrant Academy: Philadelphia:
Interesting approach to Montessori school that advertises: "to become future entrepreneurs, critical thinkers and innovators that are ready for a life long journey of exponential growth."Grades 7-12

Quaker School at Horsham: Horsham
Great for ADHD & high fx ASD. Grades 1-12

Straftord Friends: Newtown Square
Quaker based; language-based learning differences through a structured, multisensory program that celebrates students’ strengths, builds self-esteem and develops self-advocacy. Grades K-9

White Clay School: Delaware
Helps kids who act out physically-- teaches coping skills and takes kids others won'tGrades K-8

Woodlynde School: 
Independent school for students with learning differences.   We work with students coping with dyslexia, reading comprehension needs, executive functioning needs, math needs, as well as students who want to be in a school with a “regular” feel but small classes with a significant amount of support.  We are a Wilson® Accredited PartnerGrades K-12

Woods School: Langhorne (Bucks County)
Great place for those with developmental disabilities and sig intellectual disabilities Grades K-12 and to age 21

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