Behavioral Issues

What are behavioral issues?

There are a wide range of behavioral issues where parents may seek treatment for their child. These are generally behaviors that disrupt the home / school environment, impede a child's ability to live, learn and socialize independently, or create risk of harm to the child or others.


What do behavioral issues look like?

Ranging from poor impulse control, physical / verbal expressions of anger, to patterns of rule violation, bullying, truancy, drug use, destructive behaviors or lying and stealing, these behaviors can be very challenging for parents and teachers to manage, and can also place the child or others at risk of harm. This can create a great deal of stress for parents and families. Sometimes these behaviors are pain-based responses to triggers and past traumas and reflect a young person's inability to cope.

How are behavioral issues treated?

A skilled clinician will get to know the child at intake and identify the best course of action for treatment; perhaps a trauma-informed approach in Individual therapy will help a child resolve past experiences with adverse events and learn to better cope with stressors. Perhaps a behavioral approach in Applied Behavior Analysis will help the child learn new skills and replacement behaviors to better adapt to their environments. Perhaps meeting with similar peers in Group Therapy will help them improve social skills and confidence in interacting with others. Once the best treatment options are established, the clinician will develop rapport and facilitate sessions in one of our comfortable office locations - or even via telehealth video sessions. Psychiatric Evaluations may be an option as well to help the child manage symptoms associated with Depression, Anxiety, ADHD and other conditions in tandem with the therapeutic approach.

Providers who specialize in Behavioral Issues

David Danish MD

John Guardiani, MA, LPC

Joseph Gagnon Jr CRNP

Maria Capriotti, CRNP

Chris Smith, BCBA, LBS

Kristen Ott, MA, LMFT

Nate DeSantana, MS

Dominic D'Angelo MS, LPC

Diana Capriotti, LCSW

Mark Agnew MS

Alexa Gavrilov, LSW