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Mental health wellness is the foundation of overall wellbeing.

Nearly everyone needs psychiatric care at some point in their life. Philadelphia Integrative Psychiatry specializes in treating a number of general and specific conditions including depression, anxiety, ADHD, substance abuse, PTSD, and autism spectrum disorders. Our goal is to improve the mental health of our patients in a way that empowers them to reach their highest potential.

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Depression and Bipolar Disorder

We look to employ a combination of therapy and, when necessary, psychopharmacology to treat individuals with depression...

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Anxiety hits individuals in unique ways, but the common denominator is that it can be extremely debilitating...

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We are conservative with how we diagnose and treat ADHD. However, there is a subset of patients who are unable to reach...

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Substance use Disorders

We view substance use disorders and addiction as diseases that deserve intense treatment. We work closely with area...

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Autism Spectrum Disorders

My training at Upenn and CHOP, followed by years of experience working inpatient, have all afforded me a great deal...

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD is more than nightmares and flashbacks. It is anxiety, hypervigilance, and it can take over ones life...

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Comprehensive, compassionate care.

We are a team of physicians, counselors, and mental health specialists who provide comprehensive care based on each patient’s unique life history, health needs, and wellness goals. This approach ensures that you or your loved one will have access to exceptional, closely coordinated care. Led by psychiatrist Dr. David Danish, we employ a range of pharmacological and therapy-based approaches to treat the needs of our patients so that they may pursue healthy, productive, and fulfilling lives.

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Wayne, PA

987 Old Eagle School Rd. #719
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Rittenhouse Square

1854 Walnut St., Suite 653
Mondays & Fridays

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Care that you tell your friends about.

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"I have never had a psychiatrist that listens to me the way Dr. Danish does each time we meet."

Richard C.
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"After decades of struggling with depression and feeling dissatisfied with my psychiatrists, I couldn't believe that I finally found the right match with Dr. Danish. I followed him to this practice the day he opened."

Chris M.
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"Dr. Danish and his team put up with me on my worst days. I'd be lost without them."

Sarah D.

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