Our Story

Our Mission

At Philadelphia Integrative Psychiatry, our mission is to provide a comprehensive and integrative model of care. We combine multiple psychological and medical disciplines to build a truly holistic, individualized model of treatment for our patients. Our goal towards quality care ensures that providers are working as a team, collaborating on behalf of their patients.


We do things differently

Traditionally, mental health providers work individually - siloed. This means that providers miss opportunities to communicate and collaborate – and the patient suffers.

We do things differently here at Philadelphia Integrative Psychiatry.

By providing all our services under one roof, we are bridging a gap in mental health treatment. Our marriage between mental health and physical health helps to identify core sources of distress for our patients, be it psychological, medical, or a combination of both.

How we started

While working in a private healthcare environment David Danish and John Guardiani would often eat lunch together considering the question: "How can this be done better?"

While David already had his foot in the door of private practice as a psychiatrist, and John wanting to take the private practice leap, they decided to team up and offer care their way. They had noticed that most practices either operated as sole therapists or sole medication providers, but rarely the combination of both. Their dream became a reality as they took the hospital model of multi-disciplinary care and tailored it to the outpatient world.

The future of mental health

Research surrounding the relationship between the brain and the body is just in its infancy. The medical field has just begun studying the relationship between the brain, our bodies, and our behaviors. Philadelphia Integrative Psychiatry continues to keep our ears to the ground for newly developed or reconstructed versions of interventions that keep our patients mentally well. Our mission is to continue to evaluate this relationship, learn and adapt to the latest research, while constantly improving the care and services delivered to our patients.