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2. Depression Scale

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8. Vanderbilt ADHD Screening for Parents


Care that you tell your friends about.

"I have never had a psychiatrist that listens to me the way Dr. Danish does each time we meet."

Richard C.

"After decades of struggling with depression and feeling dissatisfied with my psychiatrists, I couldn't believe that I finally found the right match with Dr. Danish. I followed him to this practice the day he opened."

Chris M.

"Dr. Danish and his team put up with me on my worst days. I'd be lost without them."

Sarah D.

“It's obvious Dr.Danish cares immensely for the holistic wellness of his patients. He is committed to working with each patient as an individual.”

-- anonymous

“Experienced medical professional that actually spends time with his patients. Nothing is brushed off and all my needs are met. Patient's opinion is also valued and heard at this office."

-- Kareem

"I would like to say thank you to all your staff for providing the resources I needed. Expensive but you get what you pay for."

-- Ken Rafi


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