Medical Marijuana

What can Medical Marijuana treat?

For some, medical marijuana can be a great fit. It is approved by the state of Pennsylvania for multiple disorders, but Dr. Danish usually approves it for either the treatment of anxiety or autism.
Dr. Danish has also seen it benefit insomnia, nightmares, nausea, and low appetite. However, it does have drawbacks and it is not for everyone. In some patients there are concerns for it causing lower motivation, apathy, avoidance, and in rare cases, even psychosis.

To be approved for a medical marijuana card you must register with the state and have an appointment with Dr. Danish.


Who can prescribe Medical Marijuana?

Dr. Danish is currently the only registered practitioner at Philadelphia Integrative Psychiatry to prescribe medical marijuana. In the state of Pennsylvania, nurse practitioners are not licensed to prescribe medical marijuana.

Meet our provider that can prescribe medical marijuana

David Danish MD

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