What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback is a form physiological measurement and "feedback" that allows the patient to learn more about the body through physiological measures.  This feedback is then shared with the patient directly through the clinician, the software utilized, or a combination of both.  Biofeedback may be helpful for those who feel struggle with physiological regulation


When is Biofeedback a good option?

Biofeedback may be helpful for anyone who feels they struggle with physiological regulation whether that be over regulation (anxiety, panic, insomnia) or under regulation (depression, brain fog, chronic fatigue).  These can be used as a first line treatment in lieu of medications by itself, or in conjunction with medication to enhance the medications effects and provide relief more immediately.

Providers who specialize in Biofeedback

John Guardiani, MA, LPC

Diana Capriotti, LCSW

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