Child & Teen Therapy

What is Child & Teen Therapy?

Our therapists will welcome the child or teen into our accommodating office spaces; sessions can be one on one or can include family members. Our therapists will develop a style that bests suits your child and may include empathic listening, practicing coping skills through activities and art, role play and modeling, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness activities and much more. Our therapists will create a safe space and build trust so that the child feels comfortable sharing and expressing their feelings. We will utilize a trauma informed approach to treatment. Secure virtual sessions are also available!


When is child & teen therapy a good option?

When a child or teen is having a hard time coping with challenges in their lives, therapy is a great option. Perhaps they are feeling depressed or anxious; perhaps they are experiencing grief; perhaps they are having outbursts or behavioral challenges because they aren't sure how to cope with anger or frustration; perhaps they are dealing with trauma. For these reasons and more, it may be beneficial to seek out a qualified therapist who can help your child cope, learn, and grow with these challenges.

Providers who specialize in Child & Teen Therapy

John Guardiani, MA, LPC

Kristen Ott, MA, LMFT

Nate DeSantana, MS

Mark Agnew MS

Diana Capriotti, LCSW

Dominic D'Angelo MS, LPC

Alexa Gavrilov, LSW

Chris Smith, BCBA, LBS

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