Couples Therapy

What is Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy is a type of psychotherapy where a  Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist ( LMFT) or a a licensed clinician with clinical experience working with couples (LPC, LCSW) works with a dyad in order to explore their interactional cycle and work towards disrupting maladaptive ways of relating.  In couples therapy , the therapist will remain balanced by understanding each partner's perspective on the problem.  Our therapists typically utilize Emotional Focused Therapy ( EFT), an evidenced based treatment practice that helps couples de-escalate when talking about the problem, hear one another , share vulnerabilities, develop empathy for one another’s experiences and re-establish new ways of relating to one another that is more productive. Couples learn to be more attuned to and supportive of their partner. When couple’s practice healthy communication in session, it begins to happen more spontaneously outside of session as well.  In turn, couples can re-establish ways of connecting to have more fulfilling relationships.


When is couples therapy beneficial?

Couples therapy can be beneficial for an array of different reasons . Typically couples seek therapy for the following presenting problems, communication issues within a relationship, sexual issues, infidelity/jealousy, money issues, addiction and mental health struggles with one partner,  inequities in the relationship, misalignment in parenting , family of origin issues as well value differences.  Couples therapy can also be utilized to navigate non traditional relationships as well as blended families. Premarital counseling is utilized to determine if a couple is compatible as well as similar values and expectations of the marriage. Discernment couples counseling can be done when couples are contemplating ending their relationship. Therapists can also work with a dyad when they are separated but want to productively co-parent younger children.

Providers who specialize in Couples Therapy

Diana Capriotti, LCSW

Kristen Ott, MA, LMFT

John Guardiani, MA, LPC

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