Group Therapy

What is Group Therapy like?

Group Therapy will take place in one of our comfortable office spaces designed to accommodate 8-12 individuals. Participants will build rapport with the facilitator and one another through engagement. The facilitator will ensure participants feel welcomed, included, and empowered to share while helping them develop active listening and relational skills to practice with one another. Topics may include Trauma, Grief, Social Skills and much more, and may be offered by age level. Groups will typically run from 45-60 minutes.


When is Group Therapy a good option?

Sometimes individuals going through challenges can feel better knowing they are not alone; whether dealing with grief and loss, or being a trauma survivor, or yearning for friends but lacking the social skills to connect with others - there are many reasons for which Group Therapy may be beneficial. Shared experiences in a structured setting can build confidence, connectedness, and self-esteem among many other benefits. Hearing from others can lead to new insights to the individual; sharing with others can feel validating and empowering. Practicing social skills in a group setting can also help individuals feel more successful in school, work, and the community.

Providers who specialize in Group Therapy

Nate DeSantana, MS

Chris Smith, BCBA, LBS

Dominic D'Angelo MS, LPC

No items found.