Applied Behavior Analysis

What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

A Behavior Analyst will complete a Functional Assessment to get to know your strengths as well as areas to develop, and create a behavioral Treatment Plan targeting your individualized goals.

The clinician and/or Behavior Technician will work directly with you in the clinic, in home / school settings, or in the community to implement the Treatment Plan through activities and programs employing proven behavioral principles like reinforcement, shaping behavior skills training to help you meet your goals.


When is Applied Behavior Analysis a good option?

Applied Behavior Analysis services are best for individuals who would like to increase positive behaviors (like social skills, attention to task, and communication) or decrease troublesome behaviors (like hitting, interrupting, or other negative habits). Children with Autism and ADHD often benefit from these evidence based approaches but they work well for anyone who would like to see a change in their own behaviors!

Providers who specialize in Applied Behavior Analysis

Chris Smith, BCBA, LBS

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