Individual Therapy

What is individual therapy?

Individual Therapy pairs the individual with a clinician best suited to their individual needs / symptoms. The therapist welcomes the client into one of our comfortable office spaces or can meet with the client via telehealth if needed. Therapists engage with clients in a style best suited to the individual, developing rapport, building trust, and allowing the client to explore their symptoms, develop goals, grow and heal. Typical sessions run for 50-60 minutes.


When is individual therapy a good option?

Individual Therapy is a great option for individuals who may benefit from a listening ear and a safe space to share one on one with a trained and experienced clinician. Individuals who experience anger, anxiety, depression, or have a history of trauma are all examples of great candidates for individual therapy. Philadelphia Integrative Psychiatry has clinicians who specialize in these areas and utilize approaches such as CBT, mindfulness, person centered therapy, EMDR, trauma narratives and much more to help their clients.

Providers who specialize in Individual Therapy

Mark Agnew MS

Dominic D'Angelo MS, LPC

Diana Capriotti, LCSW

Kristen Ott, MA, LMFT

Alexa Gavrilov, LSW

Nate DeSantana, MS

John Guardiani, MA, LPC

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