Magnesium For ADHD, Cognition, Mood, & Anxiety

Magnesium For ADHD, Cognition, Mood, & Anxiety

Magnesium has been shown in studies to benefit depression, anxiety, cognition, and focus.
It’s proposed mechanism is that it helps improve the transmission between neurons.
Effects were observed within two weeks. It works quickly and is well tolerated without the need for close monitoring for toxicity. However, magnesium must be taken in the right way or it won’t absorb properly.

For patients 14 years and older, I recommend a combination that has been shown to not only help sleep and mood, but also general cognition. Some clients take it at night because it can be fatiguing, but many take it in the AM and night as well. It’s “magnesium L threonate” this is one option to consider.

For patients under 14, I’d recommend taking 1/2 of the normal serving size of 4 capsules in this preparation; so instead, take 2 capsules, or 1000mg of the Mg-L-threonate.

For patients age 4-8, I'd recommend taking 2 of these gummies.

Avoid Mg-glutamate or Mg-aspartate as both can be agitating. Avoid Mg-oxalate because it’s not absorbed.

Be aware that Mg may cause some loosening of stool or diarrhea. If this happens then stop supplementing for a few days and then retry every other day, at first.

Evidence for Mg, in case you are interested in reading more about it:


David Danish MD

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