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FreeSpira for Panic Disorder and PTSD

FreeSpira for Panic Disorder and PTSD

FreeSpira is a specialized breathing device used to treat panic attacks and panic disorder. It also has evidence that it can help treat PTSD. I have seen many clients do very well asa result of using freespira. It is a 28 day program that requires breathing exercises for just minutes, two times per day. Over 80% of clients who go through the treatment are panic attack free one year later.

Here is the self-referral option on the company website, which is the quickest way to get in touch with a representative who can walk you through the process. They do accept some insurance plans at this time and also accept out of pocket payment if your plan is not on their list.

Here is a YouTube video of someone's very positive experience with FreeSpira, which treated her almost-lifelong panic disorder:

Posted by David Danish MD